I live in Dublin, Ireland with my husband and our three little girls so when I'm not planning weddings, you'll find me colouring in mermaids and drawing unicorns, laughing along to Bluey and singing along to Cocomelon. Someday, too soon, they will hopefully listen to Bruce Springsteen and share a bottle of Malbec with me.  

Hey! My name is Lindsay. I know.... not Hannah!

Hannah was my exceptionally creative Nana who had the most beautiful handwriting, lace making skills and collection of fine China. She spent lots of time in her garden and nearly always had a pair of scissors and kitchen paper somewhere on her person, ready to snip and take cuttings from any shrub she fancied, when she fancied! She also knew how to have a good time and even in to her 90's, would often be found down the local sipping on a brandy or jiving on the dance floor. So, it seemed appropriate to call the studio after her when I opened it back in 2014. 

I would describe my own design aesthetic as natural and inherently organic. I'm easily captivated by old things, whether that's an old building or the nearly forgotten art of handwriting. There's so much beauty found in the slowness. of creating, so I like to take time when it comes to the details of an event and really put effort into finding the nuances that will resonate with each client and make the event truly theirs.

We are very client led and with that comes our commitment to working around your busy schedules. 

From the outset, it's important to us that we form a great relationship with you as it's key to the success and enjoyment of planning that we have a thorough understanding of the over arching vision for your wedding day, your goals and how you like to celebrate!

We then begin setting the firm foundations for a flawless event by gently
guiding and supporting you through the planning phase, advising and advocating for you throughout, always ensuring important milestones are met along the way.

From curating the perfect vendor team to dialling up the lighting and changing the vibe when the party gets going - every sensory detail is thoughtfully considered to make sure it's a true representation of you.

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We are honoured to have had our work featured in many of the top bridal and lifestyle publications


Thundercats fixie Williamsburg, photo booth synth vinyl dreamcatcher Wes Anderson cliche. You probably haven’t heard of them.

Single-origin coffee coloring book master cleanse tumblr la croix. Edison bulb plaid iPhone, drinking next level distillery literally pug venmo bushwick. 


House of Hannah

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